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Our expertise


  • Unity-based development for Oculus and SteamVR platforms.
  • Creating multiplayer Virtual Reality games
  • Writing efficient shaders.
  • Developing AI for non-player characters.
  • Performance and optimization techniques.
  • Using inverse kinematics tools FinalIK and PuppetMaster.


  • Standalone VR development: Oculus Quest.
  • Desktop class VR development: HTC Vive PRO, Oculus Rift.
  • Objects tracking using Vive Trackers: guns, swords, levers etc.
  • Full-body tracking with six sensors: hands, feet, pelvis and headset.
  • Integration with external environments: air condition systems, fans and other electronic panels.
  • Bhaptics tactical suits integration.
  • Idea
  • Design
  • Dev & QA
  • Deploy
  • Maintenance


«Exyte met our standards with price, quality, and deadlines. We trusted them and knew they’d be the right partner for the project. The Exyte team has continued to support the development and will improve future versions of the product. They’ve been accurate in meeting deadlines and produce quality work.»

Photo of Vasily Petrenko
Vasily Petrenko
CFO, Time Quest Lab
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