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Blockchain platform
Building a blockchain-based system for connecting airlines and travel agencies
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Blockchain platform
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The project is done for one of the leading US payment and settlement service providers. It operates a platform that helps resolve booking transactions between agencies and airlines.


The client,a payment and settlement service provider, decided to create a blockchain project to improve the platform and make it distributed with BlockApps STRATO, a blockchain solution for creating and running business networks.


The system was developed using STRATO — a permissioned blockchain architecture created by Blockapps. The advantage of a permissioned blockchain is that we can separate public and private data and manage access to it. This solution fits perfectly for business tasks where there are several roles and a need for data privacy.

The project was divided into three phases.

Phase 1 of the project involved building a proof of concept that would demonstrate blockchain’s utility to the travel industry. The proof of concept consisted of Ethereum smart contracts, JS interfaces to these smart contracts, user interface, and testing options for transactions.

The goal of the PoC was to accomplish three things: track transactions, implement business rules, and provide an audit log of transactions.

For phases 2 and 3, we worked with an airline and a professional network company to enable real participants in the travel industry to use the technology.

Using the STRATO platform for permissioned blockchains, we implemented transaction processing based on Solidity contracts. Once done, all the ticket purchases are stored in blockchain together with their processing information. In addition, this data can be shared between different actors in the system without security loss if necessary.


We used Solidity, Ethereum, and BlockApps STRATO for the platform. Solidity is the main Ethereum smart contract language, while STRATO is one of the few working platforms for quickly building enterprise applications on Ethereum.


We managed to develop a set of smart contracts for ticket sales, implement a backend, and a friendly web interface to interact with it, all according to the needs of the client and project’s time frame.

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