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“Good for Enterprise” app review
Except for the on-device security, “Good” secures all messages sent through the app with AES encryption. Does it really work?
'Good for Enterprise” App Review

“Good for Enterprise” allows clients to encrypt their data and share it with other users of the app through secured channels. The app was designed for corporations, to replace less protected (but more frequently used) email clients, such as Apple’s in-built Mail app. How does it cope with the job? Let’s find out!

Pros: Many Operating Systems Supported

“Good for Enterprise” works on a wide range of operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, so it’s accessible to anyone who has a smartphone. We didn’t find any major issues while testing the app on both Android and iOS, and there were no bugs or crashes. In fact, the company states that you can launch “Good” even on Symbian and PalmOS, which signalizes that the developers care about its accessibility to a wide audience.

Good for enterprise Screenshot

Pros: “Good” does secure your data

Unsurprisingly, the app does what it should – protects sensitive information from third parties. A person who doesn’t know your password wouldn’t be able to access the application, meaning that the company’s information will be secured even if your phone gets lost/stolen. “Good” allows managers to limit certain functions of the app (for instance, copying and pasting text) to avoid employee-related data leaks. Except for the on-device security, “Good” secures all messages sent through the app with AES encryption. Does it really work? As much as we know, it does. We weren’t able to break into the app while testing it, meaning that “Good’s” algorithms are doing the job. It may not be military-level security as the company claims on its website, but a random passerby certainly wouldn’t be able to access the information.

Cons: Poorly Designed User Interface

The need to adapt the app to multiple platforms and environments has definitely had an impact on “Good’s” final design. And this impact was far from positive. A quick glance at the program’s interface immediately suggests that something is wrong here. If you are using an iPhone 5 or newer, this “something” is black stripes surrounding the app. Although these stripes don’t affect the main functions of the app, they are quite annoying and make the whole program look clumsy and outdated.

Good for enterprise Screenshot

Even if you are using an old version of iPhone, adapting to “Good’s” interface after Apple’s Mail won’t be an easy task. The whole app looks clumsy, and the color palette chosen by their designer is quite strange, as it doesn’t really reflect the importance of incoming messages. In “Good for Enterprise,” both the header and the footer are styled in aggressive red color, which distracts the users’ attention from the “attach” button and makes it hardly visible when you are compiling a message.

Cons: Poor Integration With iOS

Even though most reviews forget to mention this problem, we won’t follow their example – “Good” is poorly integrated with iOS. It doesn’t update the number of notifications, which should be displayed on the app’s icon in the main menu of your mobile device. It is much less convenient compared to Apple’s Mail and has a significantly slower interface. Overall, “Good for Enterprise” could have been a groundbreaking solution, if the company concentrated more on developing the app’s interface and making it more convenient to use. “Good” in its current form provides a decent choice in terms of data protection, but its interface and design should be improved to follow the standard set by Apple.

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