Cocoa Delights #22

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Cocoa Delights #22

Weekly development newsletter for iOS specialists, macOS developers, and Swift enthusiasts from our mobile team.

iOS Development Newsletter #22

📰 News

App Updates for HTML5 Apps

Guideline 4.7 sections 4, 5, and 6 were updated in June 2019 to further clarify that apps containing or running code that is not embedded in the binary cannot provide access to real money gaming, lotteries, or charitable donations.

App Updates in the Kids Category

As a reminder, existing apps in the Kids category on the App Store must be in full compliance with the updated guideline 1.3 and guideline 5.1.4 by March 3, 2020.

📖 Articles

Ole Begemann: Sheets don’t inherit the environment

In this article, Ole Begemann tries to find out why some environment values in SwiftUI sheets not propagated by their presenting view.

Swift by Sundell: Result’s convenience APIs

John Sundell wrote a new post about Result enum from the standard Swift library. Specifically, it covers convenience APIs and features that might be useful for you.

Swift Senpai: Test Doubles in Swift: Dummy, Fake, Stub, Mock

Lee Kah Seng covers Test Double topic in unit testing in his new article. Dummy, Fake, Stub and Mock types explained in detail.

🛠 Libraries


Powerful gradient animations made simple for iOS.


UITextField character counter with lovable UX.


Family is a child view controller framework that makes setting up your parent controllers as easy as pie.


An elegant and simple progress HUD for iOS and tvOS, compatible with Swift and Objective-C.


Bubble Pictures for iOS done in Swift.

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