Cocoa Delights #13

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Cocoa Delights #13

Weekly development newsletter for iOS specialists, macOS developers, and Swift enthusiasts from our mobile team.

iOS Development Newsletter #13

📰 News

Apple Push Notification Service Update

The Apple Push Notification service (APNs) will no longer support the legacy binary protocol as of November 2020.

Swift Numerics

The Swift language team announced a new open-source project, Swift Numerics. Swift Numerics will provide the building blocks of numerical computing in Swift.

📖 Articles

Photo by Aaron Andrew Ang on Unsplash

SchwiftyUI: Customizing your TabView’s Bar in SwiftUI

An interesting article about TabView's customization using UIAppearance and UITabBarAppearance.

SwiftLee: Core Data and App extensions: Sharing a single database

If you're already using Core Data or want to give it a try, I highly recommend this article from SwiftLee about setting up the Persistent Container for data sharing across your App Group, specifically with App Extensions.

Majid's Blog about Swift development: The power of Closures in SwiftUI

This topic might be relevant and useful for SwiftUI adopters. Majid's new post is about how to make SwiftUI views decoupled and respecting the single responsibility principle.

💬 Discussion Topics

Photo by Nathan Rogers on Unsplash

Paul Haddad: Apple deprecated Xcode 11.2 without releasing the new version

It looks like Apple struggling with a lot of issues with its software releases this autumn. Despite that, we got SwiftUI and Catalyst, which are great technologies, but still require some polishing. I hope that their stability and release schedule will get better next year.

🛠 Libraries

Photo by Marina Mazur on Unsplash


A view that emits confetti with shapes, images, and text of your choosing for a specified duration, and then fades out.


Present some kind of clean alerts with same API as UIAlertViewController.

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