Cocoa Delights #11

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Cocoa Delights #11

Weekly development newsletter for iOS specialists, macOS developers, and Swift enthusiasts from our mobile team.

 iOS Development Newsletter #11

📖 Articles

NSHispter: MetricKit

Along with iOS 13 Apple release a new framework called MetricKit. Mattt from NSHispter tried to cover all aspects related to app metrics and MetricKit usage.

Alexander Grebenyuk: SwiftUI Layout System

A fantastic article about SwiftUI layout fundamentals. If you are new to SwiftUI or just migrating from UIKit, I highly recommend checking this piece.

Better Programming: Implementing Multiple Window Support in iPadOS

If you are interested in Multiple Window Support for your iPadOS app, check this article from Better Programming.

Yet Another Swift Blog: iOS 13 (iPadOS) App Life Cycle with UIScene, Scene Session and Scene Delegate

Speaking of Multiple Window Support, we also recommend this post if you want to understand the new concept of a scene in iOS 13 SDK. New Diagnostic Architecture Overview

Swift blog published a post about new diagnostic infrastructure featuring an interesting explanation about how new architecture will work.

🔈 Podcasts

Photo by Nicolás Olivares on Unsplash

Swift by Sundell. Episode 59: “A major step forward”

Josh Shaffer, engineering director with the UIKit and SwiftUI team at Apple, joins John to go on a deep dive into SwiftUI. What inspired the creation and design of SwiftUI, how does it impact the way apps are developed and architected, how is Apple using and improving SwiftUI internally, and much more.

🛠 Libraries & Repositories

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash


Protocol oriented, Cocoa UI abstractions based library that helps to handle view controllers composition, navigation and deep linking tasks in the iOS application.


Require optional values to be non-nil, or crash gracefully.


Composing NSAttributedString with SwiftUI-style syntax.


Customizable progress bar written in Swift.

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