// End-to-End Mobile Development
A comprehensive solution that covers every aspect of mobile app development, from initial design to the final launch in app stores.
When to choose it
This is the correct choice for a Client who has a project at any stage (from conception to an existing one) and wants to focus on marketing and business tasks, leaving the technical side fully to the Agency.
How it works
Here are the steps of the product’s full lifecycle. Actual work can start at any step, depending on the initial state of the product.
Business analysts gain essential knowledge about the Client's business operations, project expectations, and industry-specific details. The Client too has an opportunity to evaluate the Agency’s work ethics. Technical specifications and a detailed estimation are the artifacts of this phase. Read more details here.
If the Agency handles the design, the work on it is started during the discovery phase. This ensures a smooth development start. Design continues alongside development after that as part of incremental delivery.
Incremental delivery
The Agency uses Agile with the usual sprint length of 2 weeks (subject to change per Client’s request). The regular sprint structure is:
Scope evaluation;
Build delivery;
Next sprint planning.
The Agency conducts or assists in the app publishing process. The initial process takes roughly 4 days and involves creating all the required assets, submitting the app to the App Store or Play Market, and communicating with reviewers if necessary. After that builds are released to the users depending on the business needs.
After the active development phase is finished, the Agency provides support with bug fixing and mobile OS version updates. If the Client requires more feature development, the engagement is ramped up to incremental delivery again.
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Staff Augmentation
The Client gains access to a pool of highly skilled and experienced mobile app developers. The hourly rate for development starts at $60.
When to choose it
Client has a tech team they want to augment;
Client needs a professional with specific experience.
How it works
01_Talent selection
04_Test period
05_Development and support
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