// Staff Augmentation
The Client gains access to a pool of highly skilled and experienced mobile app developers. The hourly rate for development starts at $60.
When to choose it
Staff augmentation is useful when the Client already has a team and needs additional development resources or a professional with specific expertise. For a smaller project, staff augmentation can cover the whole development side if there’s a person on the Client’s team who could answer product-related questions from the Agency.
How it works
<!-- Talent selection -->
The Agency carefully selects candidates based on their skills and expertise and provides the Client with links to their portfolios.
<!-- Interviews -->
If necessary, the Client's team conducts technical interviews. A self-contained project task could also be used for the technical evaluation, with a preliminary estimation and a separate one-time payment.
<!-- Integration -->
The developer from the Agency then joins the Client's communication channels and integrates into their development team. This means fast and direct communication, bypassing a need for a manager.
<!-- First sprint -->
The first development sprint (usually taking 2 weeks) is the time where the Agency and the Client can evaluate the process without significant time and resource commitment and decide whether to continue the partnership.
<!-- Support -->
In case there are issues outside the developer's expertise, the head of Exyte's mobile department will join the conversation to address them.
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End-to-End Mobile Development
A comprehensive solution that covers every aspect of mobile app development.
When to choose it
Client has a project at any stage (from conception to an existing one);
Client doesn’t have an internal tech team;
Client wants to focus on business development and offload the technical side of the project to the Agency.
How it works
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