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How to promote an app in social networks
SMM for iOS and Android apps

Social networks have long been an integral part of our daily lives, which has paved a new way for app promotion. Facebook and Twitter were the beginning of easy and convenient communication between the customer and the company. It has never been easier to connect with a brand than it is in the 21st century. Let's take a look at ways to promote iOS and Android apps on social media. Compared to more traditional promotion channels, SMM has two key advantages that should not be underestimated:

1) Ease of use

Instant delivery of your information to the user is the most convenient form of communication with them. The average user spends at least three hours of their time on the phone. Imagine that they want to have a good time, open Instagram, and get acquainted with your brand. Conveniently, they can download the app and start using it immediately after getting to know your brand.

2) User influence

Social media channels allow marketers to use word of mouth marketing and positive user feedback to their advantage.

How to start promoting your app on social media

Research the audience

To make sure you are not making a mistake when choosing a platform to promote, study your user. Otherwise, you will waste budgets and get no results from your work. Start with customer profiles: who are they, what do they do, what age are they, what bothers them, how do they spend their free time? Knowing the answers to these questions, you will make an unmistakable choice of the social network where it will be easier and most productive to interact with your users. Refer to the research and do your own product-adjusted one. If you face trouble understanding your potential audience, we can help you. Exyte has a service to test the marketability of an idea, which includes audience research. Knowing who your customer is is half the battle - all you have to do is find them.

Develop a promotion strategy

Analyze your competitors and find out their promotional strategies. First, study the top-level information — Instagram or Facebook? The excellent Similarweb service will help you with this (by the way, it also details traffic and its sources, search terms and referral links). After that, turn to Fanpage Karma and see what types of posts get the most response from your competitors' audience, at what time and how often they publish posts. It's better to spend more time analyzing than trying your strategies from scratch. This doesn't mean mindlessly copying - no, take your competitors' plan as a basis and add your own vision and creativity to it. To stand out in the crowd, you have to be different.

Define key metrics

To avoid going after all the metrics at once (let's be honest, it's impossible and very demotivating), pick key ones like click-throughs to installs and content sharings. Whether you primarily want to promote your brand, build an active community or attract more customers, knowing how social media marketing aligns with your company's goals is the first step to developing a solid strategy.

Content importance

There's your community, what do you want to tell it? You will need a plan. To make one, you have to reason like a user. For example, just because a user likes to play a particular game does not necessarily mean they will follow that game's public Facebook page. However, if the page gives the user value (tips, bonuses, contests), they have an incentive to "like" it and interact with that community. Publish things that are important to the user that will make them subscribe and follow updates. Sure, you'll have to try and constantly test formats and hypotheses, but it's worth it. Content can bring your app loyal users.

Different strategies for different social networks

Facebook and Twitter users are different in interests, needs, ages, jobs, and pains. So if your audience uses multiple social networks, you should not spare time and money and work on two strategies. It doesn't have to be two different content plans, but the same topic in different communities should be presented differently. Otherwise, there is a risk that users will not appreciate it.

Tone of voice

The Tone of Voice reflects your brand identity, helps you communicate with your audience, and differentiates you from your competitors.The brand’s voice should be consistent, go through all the content, and reflect company values. If audiences only recognize your brand through text without seeing a logo or company name, congratulations, you have a successful Tone of Voice.


Prepare your profiles

You can't start a promotion with a blank page. Before people - your future customers - arrive there, make sure they have a reason to stay. Avoid boring content, monotony and copying competitors. Be sure to create a page description, add an app download link and other useful links.

Don't ever stop

As with ASO or UX design, you should never stop in SMM. As soon as you're resting, the reach will be low. You will always have to get creative, test hypotheses, and stay in touch with the world.

Targeted advertising

The installation of the app may be the goal of your advertising campaign. Of course, the cost of such a lead will be much higher than the price per click of an ad. But it is your client, not just a passerby.

Working with opinion leaders

There's no more sales funnel than when your favorite blogger shows you how to crop a video with a new app or super features, and then gives you a promo code. Most importantly, be sure to measure the reach and number of installs after the campaign ends.

Remember the importance of hashtags

A commonly used handy tool for marking the subject line of a post should not be underestimated. Social media holds gigabytes of information and hashtags help users highlight what's important to them. Put yourself in the user's shoes and consider what queries they might be typing - there they are your hashtags.

Communities of interest

Social networking is a treasure trove of communities of interest. You need to be present and broadcast your content in all such groups. Get closer to the user, and they will notice you.

Use user content

User content can not only bring diversity but also increase loyalty and engagement.

There's hard work and a tough road ahead, but social media will open up a wondrous new world for you and make it easier to engage with your audience. Stay close to your customer. If you have trouble identifying an audience, tone of voice or a platform on which to promote or you don't have a team to promote your product or aren't happy with the results, if you don't know where to start — we're here to help.

We have a marketing team that can help you promote your product and deliver your values to the end-users. Sign up for a free consultation to learn more and ask your questions.

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