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Team Augmentation
Do you lack resources to complete a big project? Opt for team augmentation!
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What is team augmentation?
IT is such a high-paced sphere with new trends and technologies appearing every year. Sometimes software development companies do not have skills or resources to catch up with all the new trends.
A couple of years ago, a company would look for ways to outsource a project to another company or team that can complete it. Now, however, the approach has changed, and this is where team augmentation can come in.
Basically, a company will involve people from outside to work on a part of a project connected with using specific technology or requiring knowledge of a certain programming language.
Before deciding to go for it, project managers will assess all the skills that will be required to complete the project and decide whether their in-house development team should be augmented.
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Why team augmentation will benefit your company
You will be able to complete a project without sacrificing any features or functionality
You do not have to start a recruiting process to find the right people for adding to your team or invest in training
You are not limited by location, which means you are more likely to find specialists with the exact skills you need.
Your team will learn new skills and technologies through collaboration with people who have corresponding expertise.
The in-house team will boost their interpersonal communication skills
We have a network of specialists we work with and means for connecting you with the best one for your necessities.
Perhaps your team lacks specialists who will be able to
  • Implement smart contracts;
  • Create and introduce systems for investments;
  • Develop mobile applications, navigation systems, interactive ads, etc.;
  • Incorporate AI into games;
  • Build training apps and many more.
Our app development team has experts in:
Blockchain technology
Virtual and augmented reality
App development for iOS and Android
Data analytics
Build training apps and many more
Machine learning and AI
We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise with anyone interested
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Our Workflow
Our expert analytics can help you devise a more clear-cut plan for any idea that you may have.
If you need assistance with designing elements of your app, we have resources to do the job.
Development and QA
Our specialists can help develop the project’s parts connected with their area of expertise or take the lead on quality assurance.
The project is ready to be deployed only when all the previous steps have been completed and everything works as intended.
We can happily assist with the maintenance part of the work we have done for our clients to make sure everything runs like clockwork.
Languages and technologies that we use
  • Blockchain development: Solidity, JavaScript, and Python.
  • Mobile app development: Swift, Kotlin, and React Native.
  • Machine learning: Python, Swift, and Java.
  • VR and AR technologies: Unity, ARKit, and AR Core.
We specialize in developing:
Machine Learning
Our competitive advantages
We have successfully accomplished 50+ projects in last 5 years.
We use cutting-edge technologies to create a unique solution for every client.
We have received 5-star ratings from dozens of customers on Clutch, GoodFirms, and The Manifest.
We are contributing to the community; our Github account has more than 9000 stars.
Check out what our clients say
«Exyte was communicative and responsive throughout the project. They are reliable enough to follow exact specifications and talented enough to improvise when necessary. They worked well across multiple time zones and met all project deadlines.»
Cal Hockaday
Leader of Mobile Development at Health Enhancement Systems
Other services from Exyte:
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  • Ethereum Application Development Services
    We develop web-based apps with cryptocurrency and smart contract integration.
  • Team Augmentation
    We work alongside your developers to help with the challenges within our professional expertise.
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