Cocoa Delights #17

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Cocoa Delights #17

Weekly development newsletter for iOS specialists, macOS developers, and Swift enthusiasts from our mobile team.

iOS Development Newsletter #17

πŸ“– Articles

Majid Jabrayilov: Must-have SwiftUI extensions

Majid Jabrayilov made a compilation of must-have extensions for SwiftUI such as a View type eraser and wrapper for RandomAccessCollection.

Yet Another Swift Blog: The Complete Guide to Property Wrappers in Swift 5

This guide from Vadim Bulavin that gives you a better understanding of Property Wrappers implementation in Swift 5 and what problems they solve.

Swift by Sundell: Predicates in Swift

Great article from John Sundell about basic knowledge of predicates and their modeling in Swift.

πŸ”ˆ Podcasts

Swift by Sundell: Backend-driven UIs

Kate Castellano joins John to discuss how views and UIs can be made more dynamic and data-driven, and how that could even enable certain views to get their entire layout configuration from the server. Also, view models, handling loading states, and much more.

Swift Unwrapped: Swift's New Diagnostic Architecture

The way Swift reports compilation diagnostics like errors, warnings and fixits is about to improve in Swift 5.2.

πŸ›  Libraries


Step-by-step progress view with labels and shapes.


Elegant and painless Attributed Strings in Swift.


An animatable view that depicts multiple progresses over time.

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