Keep America Active
Alexandra Afonasova
Dmitry Shipinev
iOS, Swift, ObjC, HealthKit, RxSwift
About Project
Collaborative work for HES on creating a customizable wellness application

HES creates worksite wellness challenges for corporations, health plans, health systems, hospitals, government agencies, educational institutions, nonprofits, and other groups to improve the health of individuals and organizations throughout North America and in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

One concept too many apps

HES not only creates wellness challenged for their clients but also provides them with materials, which include mobile and web-applications. Participants can log in, then record activity (simultaneously syncs with an online account), view recipes, "visit" attractions, and track team progress on the go. Plus, optional device integration is available for automatic activity tracking. Considering that functionality remained the same in a majority of cases, HES still had to spend much time on building new apps which were almost identical from the technical point of view.


The HES team approached us to help them in building Keep America Active app, a core cross-platform application with customizable UI and UX. In other words, a web-based dashboarrd where clients can set goals and scenarios for their team, as well as customize colors and fonts to fit the brand.


We worked alongside with HES team who were developing back-end and UI while we were responsible for data representation recieved from the server on iOS clients and vice versa.

Keep America Active is a RESTful application with Reactive design and a lot of custom UI controls. The most challenging feature turned out to be the interactive map of achievements and locations. Both the map tiles and the route itself are fully customizable and are separate from each other so that any route can be used with any map. In the end it looks and performs the same on any iOS device as well as on Android or Web.

The first version of the app is ready to keep America healthy, and we've already begun joint work on the second version with yet secret features.