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Exyte is the Blockchain Expertise you need
Exyte has years of experience building projects around Ethereum and Node.js for blockchain platforms and distributed web-applications. Our work ethic and lean process achieve a profitable outcome for our customers.
Exyte understands business
We can help you with a wide range of different types of processes in your business. Let's take a look at the ways Exyte can solve your problems.
Supply Chain Management System
We develop blockchain-based supply management systems featuring inventory and order management, logistics and shipping status monitoring, as well as return management. We did both frontend UI/UX development and backend development with blockchain integrations
Corporate Booking Systems
We are a developer of integration systems between booking services, corporations, and financial platforms. The systems will be able to keep transaction data on blockchain. For these booking systems, we are able to provide API development, as well as backend and frontend development.
Decentralized Real Estate Registry
Worried about fraud in the real estate market? We can create a blockchain real estate registry to securely store records, titles and any other critical documents. Data stored on the blockchain is immutable (cannot be changed by a third party) and is guaranteed to be authentic. Also, when working with multiple parties it's easier to access and update information stored on a blockchain vs. stored in a database.
Digital Identity Management Systems
Blockchain is an ideal solution for online identity management. With a blockchain ID it's simple to set permission levels so that users cannot change their credentials. Also, all changes are stored on-chain and a history of changes cannot be erased. With a blockchain ID what you see is what you get, no more forged identities.
Fundraising Platform
Do you need a fundraising platform for your business? We are able to develop the frontend and backend for the web app development. On the backend, we can provide an integrated blockchain solution for funding the offers on your platform using platform-issued tokens.
Exyte's tech stack for Blockchain Development for web-applications
In today's world, several factors need to be in play in order for a project to be completed on time.

First, there should be a certain level of knowledge and expertise in the company you hire.

Second, the right choice of tools for the different types of projects and app development that you might need. Exyte excels in both of these areas.
Here are our weapons of choice:
  • JavaScript, ES6
  • TypeScript
  • NodeJS
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Redux
Smart Contacts
  • Solidity
  • Truffle
  • Open Zeppelin
  • ZOS
  • Ethereum, Geth, and Parity extensions, Infura, Etherscan, etc.
  • HyperLedger, Blockapps, STRATO for enterprise
  • Bitcoin
  • Dash
What you get developing Blockchain with Exyte
With all of the companies out there offering processes for developing blockchain, you may be wondering why you should choose Exyte.
When you provide us with information about your project, Exyte will provide a thorough analysis report to get a better idea of what needs to be done.
We will provide you an estimate of the amount of on-chain data, the required transaction cost, and the complexity of the smart-contracts structure.
Once we have looked over the project, we will then get in touch with you and discuss our analysis and recommendations.
Based on the results, you can determine whether you will be working with us or not. Exyte has many happy clients pleased with the results provided, and we believe we can do the same for you.
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That what makes us different from other Blockchain Development Companies
Our overarching goal is a properly done product that profits our customers. When we provide a service package for complex product development, we guarantee our work fulfills customers' expectations regarding how this blockchain software would complement their business.
Owning the Cutting Edge
We are constantly sharpening and pushing our skills forward to keep the company ahead of the game. Our developers write and publish papers, develop open-source blockchain tools, and strive to be better than others. The current blockchain technology landscape is exciting, and we are doing everything to make sure that it gets even better.
Inspiring Trust
Having a great working relationship with our clients is important for us. We want you to feel comfortable when you entrust us with blockchain development. Every client for us is more than a bunch of letters and a contract; working in software development for years, we know that behind every project, there is a human. Our work process addresses the development issues with precision and human issues with kindness. Got a question? We help. Got your deadline moved up? We contribute.

Taking the Initiative
We are sure that the result of our work is the best it can possibly be because we go the extra mile to find the finest solution. If a project has any areas where improvements could be made, we reach out to the project team on the client's and share our take on how those improvements can be implemented.
Exyte makes Blockchain Development clients happy
Working on a blockchain solution that solves a particular problem in an existing product, we make sure that our solutions integrate seamlessly into the client's system and can be maintained by the client's team in the future.
What are you paying for when we develop Blockchain Applications?
Naturally, you want to know precisely what it is you are going to be paying for when you choose to use our service. Through the experience of working into dApp and blockchain development, we singled out three major interaction strategies.
Fixed-Price Project
The fixed-price strategy is a good fit for complex product development, including frontend and backend web development, as well as blockchain development and integration. After you describe your idea and specify your requirements, we analyze the requirements, estimate the project, and prepare a detailed presentation for you. With the Fixed-Price strategy, you approve the communication policy and milestones schedule.
Team Extension
Team Extension strategy is a good choice if you need to develop a specific blockchain feature. After we meet or have a call to discuss the feature, we analyze the feature specification, your application system, and the best ways to integrate that blockchain feature into the application. We present to you the results of the analysis, and together, we agree together upon the terms of how our team will collaborate.
Developer's Hour
Developer's Hour strategy suits well for consulting in blockchain development. After you reach out to us with questions, we analyse the peculiarities of your blockchain application to find a member of our team whose expertise fits your problem the best. With Developer's Hour, you set the communication policy and the number of consulting hours you require weekly.
Blockchain Development Cases
Exyte's code runs in identity management platforms, as well as supply chain management tools. Let's take a close look at some examples:
We worked with Aerum to develop a proof-of-stake mechanism for sidechains to improve scalability. It greatly reduced the transaction cost for blockchain platforms on Ethereum.
Exyte helped increase trust and transparency through the creation of a quality supply chain management solution. This is used as a solution for farmers, vendors, and consumers in the hemp cultivation industry.
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