Arcane Maze
Yuri Strot
Igor Zapletnev
Dmitry Shipinev
Anton Marunko
Nikita Afonasov
iOS, Swift, ARKit
Date of release
About Project
ArcaneMaze is an augmented reality adventure game for iOS.

After releasing ARTetris, we decided to create an actual AR game. ArcaneMaze puts the player inside a mysterious labyrinth he has to escape by exploring the level, interacting with levers and collecting keys.

Two modes are supported: full AR, where movement is controlled by actual walking, and a regular mode, where AR is used to look around, while movement is controlled by tapping the screen. A free version of ArcaneMaze with 1 location and 16 levels is already available in AppStore. 2 more locations are currently under development.


ArcaneMaze was created for ARKit, an augmented reality SDK made available by Apple with the release iOS 11. Rendering is done by SceneKit.